Издатели рассказали, смогут ли электронные книги заменить печатные
ПЕКИН, 23 авг - РИА Новости. Печатные книги по-прежнему занимают основной процент на рынке и вряд ли в ...

Игры, книги Барто и куклы: что будет в первых детских купе в поездах
МОСКВА, 22 авг - РИА Новости. Книги известных детских авторов, в том числе Агнии Барто, Марка Твена, Астрид ...

Грядет экранизация культовой книги Дмитрия Глуховского «Метро 2033»
Компания ТНТ-PREMIER Studios, телеканал ТВ-3 и кинокомпания Партнершип» (входит в «Газпром-Медиа») объявляют о ...

Книги и реки Константина Высоцкого
Книги и реки Константина Высоцкого. «Книги суть реки, напояющие вселенную, они есть источник мудрости».. История книжной Тюмени, как это ни ...

Mamishev Alexander Technical Writing for Teams. The STREAM Tools Handbook

A unique, integrative, team-centered approach to writing and formatting technical documents Technical Professionals: Do you have difficulty producing

Luk Wayne Computer System Design. System-on-Chip

The next generation of computer system designers will be less concerned about details of processors and memories, and more concerned about the element

Arboleda Hugo Model-Driven and Software Product Line Engineering

Many approaches to creating Software Product Lines have emerged that are based on Model-Driven Engin

Daniel Larose T. Discovering Knowledge in Data. An Introduction to Data Mining

The field of data mining lies at the confluence of predictive analytics, statistical analysis, and b

Stéphane Tufféry Data Mining and Statistics for Decision Making

Data mining is the process of automatically searching large volumes of data for models and patterns

Daniel Minoli Building the Internet of Things with IPv6 and MIPv6. The Evolving World of M2M Communications

If we had computers that knew everything there was to know about things—using data they gathered wit

Bo Sandén I. Design of Multithreaded Software. The Entity-Life Modeling Approach

This book assumes familiarity with threads (in a language such as Ada, C#, or Java) and introduces t

Dependency Injection in .NET

Dependency Injection in .NET, winner of the 2013 Jolt Awards for Productivity, presents core DI patt

Cayirci Erdal Computer Assisted Exercises and Training. A Reference Guide

A comprehensive guide to computer assisted exercises Readers can turn to this indispensable referenc

Filo Orna Information Processing by Biochemical Systems. Neural Network-Type Configurations

A Research-Driven Resource on Building Biochemical Systems to Perform Information Processing Functio

Granino Korn A. Advanced Dynamic-System Simulation. Model Replication and Monte Carlo Studies

A unique, hands-on guide to interactive modeling and simulation of engineering systems This book des

Robbie Nakatsu T. Diagrammatic Reasoning in AI

Pioneering work shows how using Diagrams facilitates the design of better AI systems The publication

Management Information Systems & Multimedia Student CD Package

For sophmore, junior, senior, and MBA-level MIS and Information Systems courses. These authoritative

Pierre Bonnet Enterprise Data Governance. Reference and Master Data Management Semantic Modeling

In an increasingly digital economy, mastering the quality of data is an increasingly vital yet still